Sherwood Eateries

The Sherwood Advertising and Promotions Commission proudly present our eating establishments of Sherwood.

On the Go Food

Arby's 3921 E Kiehl Ave 501-835-2983
Arkansas Best Wing's 9817 Hwy 107 501-835-9464  
Burger King 3900 E Kiehl Ave 501-835-5200
Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell 8350 Warden Rd 501-835-5570
Kum and Go 3400 East Kiehl Ave 501-992-1500
Mapco 10340 Hwy 107 501-835-1908
McDonald's 12943 Hwy 107 501-833-8822
McDonald's #5440 8400 Warden Rd 501-835-6323
McDonald's #32312 (Inside Wal-Mart) 9053 Hwy 107 501-835-6991
Popeye's Chicken 200 E Kiehl Ave 501-833-2257
Sam's Club 5600 Landers Rd 501-945-2167
Sonic Drive In 4140 E Kiehl Ave 501-834-5008
Sonic Drive In 14516 Hwy 107 501-835-7330
Sonic Drive In 8601 Hwy 107 501-834-0540
Sonic Drive In 5400 Landers Rd 501-945-6080
Subway 9814 Hwy 107 501-992-5110
Subway 3901 E Kiehl Ave 501-835-6068
Subway 14210 Hwy 107 501-834-6967
Taco Bell 7201 Hwy 107 501-835-3357
Wendy's 8500 Hwy 107 501-835-4575
Zaxby's 208 Brookswood Rd 501-833-9777


Le Star Pizzaria 4216 E Kiehl Ave 501-992-0300
Little Caesar's Pizza 14306 Hwy 107 501-834-3900
Little Caesar's Pizza 3115 E Kiehl Ave 501-392-0344
Marco's Pizza 14718 Hwy 107 501-834-1133
Pizza Hut 8611 Hwy 107 501-228-7000
ShotGun Dan's Pizza 4203 E Kiehl Ave 501-835-0606
US Pizza Co 8403 Hwy 107 501-992-1512


Bunker's Bistro (Inside The Green's) 7400 Hwy 107 501-833-3303  
Buffalo Wild Wings 4600 Silver Creek 501-819-0469
Casa Mexicana 4091 E Kiehl Ave 501-833-2787  
Chang Thai and Asian Cusine 9830 Hwy 107 501-835-4488  
Chinese Pavilion Hunan 8000 Hwy 107 501-835-8723
Daylight Donuts 301 Brookswood Dr #103 501-392-6499
Fish To Go 3301 E Kiehl Ave, Suite1 501-835-1235  
Gadwall's Grill 7311 North Hills Blvd #12 501-834-1840
Grandpa's Catfish House 100 Shadow Oaks 501-834-5400  
Hunan Star 4300 E Kiehl Ave 501-833-1056  
JoJo's Bar-B-Q 117 Country Club Rd 501-834-9696
Just Like Mom's 3140 E Kiehl Ave 501-833-0402
Mama's Gyro's Grill 3309 E Kiehl Ave 501-833-0306  
On the Border 6000 Warden Road 476-7180
Pig'n-Chik Barbeque 7824 Hwy 107 501-834-5456
Roper's 14421 Hwy 107, Suite D 501-392-6283  
Sakura 4011 E Kiehl Ave 501-834-3546
Senior Tequila 8605 Hwy 107 501-835-3620  
Shipley Donuts 8611 Hwy 107 #101 501-834-5235  
Smokey's Pub 511 Warden Rd 501-835-5510  
Tailgater's Pub & Grub 8100 Warden Rd 501-834-9066  
The Meat Shoppe 14509 Hwy 107 501-833-2100
Waffle House 6501 Warden Rd 501-833-0036
Zaffino's 2001 E Kiehl Ave 501-834-7530  


Food Vendors/Catering

TNT BBQ 4200 E Kiehl Ave 501-744-2590  
Chico's Tacos 8000 Warden Rd 501-257-7844  
E L Autentico Taco 14218 Hwy 107 501-615-5258  
Feastros 4200 E Kiehl Ave 501-352-3663  
Hot Dog Willie's 305 S Fairway 501-834-7102  
Mo's Sno (Tropical Sno) 8801 Hwy 107 501-231-7625  
Pat's Kitchen 15202 Lone Pine Rd 501-960-3410  
Straight Boilin 7225 Hwy 107 501-258-6641  
Taqueria Tamaulipas 8715 Hwy 107 501-626-6751  
Treasure Land Shaved Ice 14200 Hwy 107 501-786-5480  
Two Sisters Catering 3130 Kiehl Ave 501-819-0189  
Victory Lane Hot Dogs 1513 Country Club Rd 501-944-9428  


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The Roundtop Filling Station


by: Darrell W. Brown
Happy’s Service Station, better known today as the Roundtop Filling Station, in Sherwood, was built in 1936 by the Justin Matthews Company for the Pierce Oil Company.  Pierce Oil was one of the “baby Standards” formed after the U.S. Government’s breakup of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company in 1911. Pierce operated gasoline stations in Arkansas, southern Missouri, western Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico.  


In 1936, Pierce Oil contracted the Justin Matthews Company to construct a uniquely shaped gasoline station along U.S. Highway 67.  It is believed the structure was designed by Matthews company architect, Frank Carmean, and was built by builder C.C. Eubanks.

Wallace David “Happy” Williford, a senior at Jacksonville High School in Jacksonville, and employee at another Pierce-owned station in Jacksonville, was asked by the company to come operate the new service station.  Williford agreed and worked at the station before and after attending school.  Williford paid men to operate the station for him during school hours, but says it was hard finding men who would only work for $3.50 a week.  For rent, Pierce charged Williford two cents per gallon of gas sold.  At first, the station had no electric gas pumps, and Williford and his employees had to hand pump the gas up into the glass bowl before filling each car's tank.
Around 1940, the station, which had become known as “Happy’s Service Station” became a Sinclair station, after Pierce Oil was purchased by the Sinclair Oil Company.  Around this time, electric pumps were installed  Some time in the early 1950s, Sinclair sold many of their Arkansas stations, including Happy’s Service Station, to the Phillips Petroleum Company, and the station became a Phillips 66 branded station.  In the 1970s, the station would become a DX branded station, and at the time it closed in 1981, it was a Sunoco branded station due to Sun Oil Company’s acquisition of DX.
By 1957, Williford had saved up enough money to purchase the station for $8,000.  With business booming, Willford would open up another gas station at the foot of the Broadway Bridge in North Little Rock, near the site of present day Dickey-Stephens Park.  Williford later closed that station and opened another at 914 East Broadway in North Little Rock.  During this time, Williford leased the Roundtop to others.  He returned to the Roundtop in the mid-1970s and operated it exclusively until he retired and closed the business in 1981.
In 1989, Wayne Ball, a local auctioneer, coincidentally, a former station employee from his youth, conducted the auction of the Roundtop on behalf of Williford.  The winning bidder was George E. Brown, a North Little Rock businessman.  Brown planned to renovate the then dilapidated building; however before this could happen, Brown passed away, and, in 1999, his heirs donated the station to the City of Sherwood, which had annexed the area in 1975.
For years, the gas station-turned-landmark sat abandoned, and, over time, was the victim of vandalism and theft.  In the mid-2000s, Becki Vassar, a former member of Sherwood’s City Council, advocated for the restoration of the station and ultimately caused it to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.
In 2010, the Roundtop was featured in “The Last Ride,” a film about Hank Williams, Sr., directed by Arkansas native Harry Thomasson.  The scenes filmed at Roundtop include, several of the Williams character , his young chauffeur, Silas, and his love interest.
In January, 2013, Sherwood Mayor Virginia Hillman, appointed Darrell W. Brown, an employee of the Department of Arkansas Heritage and lifelong resident of Sherwood, to chair the first Sherwood History and Heritage Commission.  Brown, along with Kelly Coughlin, Director of  Economic Development for the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, began working to obtain grant money to aid in the restoration of the Roundtop.  Several articles about the commission’s efforts appeared in local and state newspapers.  The above were brought to the attention of Williford’s two daughters, Judy (Williford) Jacobs of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Vicki (Williford) Teague of Savannah, Georgia.  Both daughters contacted Brown and provided him with a great deal of information about the Roundtop‘s past.  Fortunately, Happy Williford is alive and well at age 94 and lives in Savannah, Georgia.  
The commission is considering a restoration of the gas station to its original condition and converting it into a Sherwood Police substation.  
After years of neglect, the future of Happy Williford‘s old gas station, looks bright!

The SHHC is now officially accepting donations for the restoration of the Roundtop. Donations you make towards our efforts are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! You can send your donations to:

"Save the Roundtop Campaign"
c/o Sherwood City Clerk's Office
P.O. Box #6256
Sherwood, Arkansas 72124

Please make your check out to "City of Sherwood," and write "Roundtop" in your check's memo line. Donations of any and all amounts are very much appreciated! If you have any questions, please contact Darrell W. Brown at (501) 425-4037 or by e-mail at:


Recreation and Leisure

Sherwood, Arkansas is a great place to visit! There are several recreational opportunities year-round; from the spring and summer sports leagues for all ages, fishing and swimming, pancake breakfasts, fish fries, potluck luncheons, the Bill Harmon Recreation Center, Sherwood Fest, the Halloween festival, and Christmas Parade there's always something happening here.

Sherwood is home to several regional and national baseball and softball league tournaments through the spring and summer each year. The Sports Complex is home as well to Middle School and High School baseball games, and soccer leagues for kids so there's always an opportunity for a family night out at the ballpark.

Our seventeen community parks and recreational facilities are a great resource for the City, offering our residents and visitors walking and running tracks, playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, and fishing in some of the prettiest lakes in the Central Arkansas area. The Bill Harmon Recreation Center is also available for residents and visitors to use. With a gymnasium, walking track, Olympic-sized pool, and exercise equipment, it's a great place to join friends for a brisk workout.

Sherwood Forest is home to many of the City's community-wide events such as our annual Fourth of July celebration with free food and drinks and the best fireworks display in Central Arkansas; Sherwood Fest, a free crafts and fun festival for the family; our annual Halloween festival for the kids, Breakfast with Santa, Festival of Lights and the Christmas Parade.

The Greens At North Hills is an affordable golf course owned and operated by the City of Sherwood, Arkansas. Sherwood is in close proximity to Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Jacksonville and Cabot.  For more information about The Greens At North Hills, visit

Don't miss out on the fun! Make your plans today to visit us soon.

For more information, click here for our Parks & Recreation Page

Weather Year-Round

The weather here in Sherwood, Arkansas is pleasant for most months out of the year, making it an ideal place for outdoor activities. Below is a monthly chart of average temperatures to help you plan the best time to visit us.

  Average Temp. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
oF 61.3 38.5 43.2 52.7 62.6 69.7 77.5 81.4 80.0 73.3 62.9 51.8 42.2
  Average High Temp. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
oF 71.0 47.6 52.7 62.7 72.9 79.6 87.4 91.5 89.9 82.9 73.1 61.2 50.7
  Average Low Temp. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
oF 51.6 29.4 33.6 42.6 52.2 59.7 67.5 71.3 70.0 63.7 52.6 42.4 33.7
  Average Precipitation Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
In 49.3 3.2 3.5 5.0 5.1 5.2 3.3 3.3 3.1 4.1 3.6 5.2 4.7


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To assist you in finding your way around the City of Sherwood while you're here, we have provided an interactive community map with the location of key attractions in our area.

We have also provided a Google Map which provide additional interaction such as aerial  views of the area.

Interactive Community Map
Google Map of the Sherwood
Ward Map
Master Street Plan
Land Use Plan - Gravel Ridge Annexation (draft)
Zoning Map - Gravel Ridge Annexation (draft)


City Calendar


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